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With 6,000 square feet of space, we can accommodate a variety of needs. Equipment available from Bondage Tables and Spanking Benches to St. Andrews Crosses and Electric Winches. Feel free to use our music or bring your own.

Individual lessons, photographers, rigging, and other options can be available by request!

Rates starting as low as $100/hour (2 hour minimum)
Rates for longer rentals or more complex events can be negotiated according to your needs.

Member discounts available!



  •  If an event includes a dynamic that is gender-based, pricing must be equal for all genders and attendance must be inclusive of anyone identifying as the genders involved.

  • No hate or -ism themes or speech.

  • No alcohol is allowed at The Woodshed and anyone appearing to be under the influence of drink or drugs will be refused admittance, regardless of any arrangements made with the party renting the space.

  • Any instances of harassment, assault, or other problematic behavior must be brought to our attention.

  • Anyone who is not allowed to attend The Woodshed is also not allowed to attend private events held at The Woodshed.

  • If the event is educational/supportive in nature, we are open to discussing a sliding scale rental fee. 


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