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Master Cecil

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Master Cecil has been involved in the lifestyle for about 30 years, when at 18 years old he was picked up by a submissive and shown that a flogger, properly applied, is a VERY good thing.  Since 2008 he has been living his dream as the lucky owner and lead volunteer of The Woodshed in Orlando.

Master Cecil became part of the public community when he attended the 2nd ever Orlando Munch in 1993.

Since December of 2006 he has been joined on his life path by his wonderful submissive, helpmate, and the real brains of the operation, his lovely Darcy, who has supported him and has made his dreams her own for the betterment of the community at large, and particularly Central Florida. 

For several years, he owned a company called Dungeon Designs Inc. and ran the circuit of Leather conventions throughout the southeast United States as a vendor and sometime speaker.

The Woodshed is a dream that originated in the mid 90s after his first public play party that was held in a townhouse of about 800 square feet with at least 40 people packed into it.  It was easy for him to ascertain that Orlando was in dire need of a safe place to play.  His dedication to SM education was the other driving force in his desire to open an SM community center providing the community with a safe place to learn. Thus the dream of The Woodshed gelled in his mind and was refined by conversations with many people over the years and finally became a reality in January of 2008. 

He has presented on the local, regional and national level and is now serving the Central Florida community as the owner of The Woodshed.  He also works to make himself available to groups, munches and TNG gatherings throughout Central Florida and to conventions all over the Americas.

Master Cecil has presented at the following events and more:

  • The Orlando Bash

  • The Florida Bash

  • SouthEast LeatherFest

  • DomCon Atlanta

  • C.O.P.E.

  • Spanksgiving

  • Florida Power Exchange

  • Madtown Kinkfest

  • Winter Wickedness

  • Beat Me in St. Louis

Class List

Me Dom, you sub... Now what?
90 minutes - 2 hours
presented with Darcy

Making the Deeper Connection
90 minutes - 2 hours
presented with Darcy

Facets of Service
90 minutes - 2 hours
presented with Darcy

Needs & Wants
60 - 90 minutes 
presented with Darcy

Say What?
90 minutes - 2 hours
presented with Darcy

Energy Under Pressure
60 - 90 minutes
presented with Darcy

Signals, Snakes, and Bulls!
Oh My!

Preferably presented with Darcy

*Classroom needs to have lots of room and high ceilings if possible.

Signals, Snakes, and Bulls!
Oh My!  200

Preferably presented with Darcy

*Classroom needs to have lots of room and high ceilings if possible.

Bringing Energy (Chi)
Into Your Play

45 - 60 minutes
presented with Darcy

Flogging 2.0 - Fully Energized
45 - 90 minutes
presented with Darcy

Cell Popping
45 - 60 minutes

*much better with a screen and projector so we can project what I am doing in a very small area to a bigger audience. I have the camera and computer to run it through.

Fire Play and Cupping
60 - 75 minutes


You've figured out that you're a dominant. Or you've figured out that you're a submissive. Maybe you've realized you like both and you're a switch. Congratulations! But that's not the end of it...

What does being a dominant or a submissive mean to you? What do you want your D/s relationship(s) to look like?

Master Cecil and Darcy will offer some thoughts on different styles of relationships, the needs of different types of dominants and submissives, and how to get those needs met in the real world.

One of the greatest aspects of relationships is the potential for connection. Virtually anything we do can be an opportunity to connect, and kink offers even more opportunities than the vanillas get. We’ll talk about how to make that connection with someone special to you, whether it’s a BDSM scene, a high protocol situation, or even vanilla-looking snuggles.

We’ll talk about the multitude of ways in which a submissive can provide service, from the purely practical to the purely pleasing. We’ll also discuss ways a dominant can encourage service, and how to graciously receive it. It’s time to delve beyond house cleaning and blow jobs (not that there’s anything wrong with that)!

What do you want in a relationship? What do you truly need? What about in life? A Needs & Wants List is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your toolbox for bringing fulfillment to any relationship, but where do you start? What does one look like?

We’ll talk about the basics, some of the most important things to have on your list, and some things you may never have thought to include. We’ll also talk about revisiting your lists and how they change.

Communication is key in any D/s relationship, but there’s more to it than just saying words or imparting information. We’ll talk about some common pitfalls in communication and some tips to help make sure the communication you want is really happening.

Start with those wonderfully vulnerable points on the body that can drive a bottom to their knees with the pressure of a single finger. Add in the focus and intent of energy, that intangible essence that can bring connection and push any scene to the next level. Now you've got a combination that can create a delicious mix of sensation, pain, and pleasure that will leave your bottom writhing in the very hands that created it all.

This beginner class covers the various types of whips, care and maintenance thereof, and basic use of the shorter whips with a nod to safety. Participants will have the opportunity to come away with a few basic whip throws, and having cracked their first whip if they’ve never done it before! Audience participation will be at the end of the class with practice going as long as time allows.

This class starts beyond the different types of whips and basic throws to get into targeting, use in play, safety, and adding an interchangeable cracker to any whip. It concentrates on techniques for short (3 foot signal) to long (6 and 8 foot bull) whips. Practice will be at the end of the class for as long as time allows.

Energy. Chi. Ki. Prana. It’s been called many things. Energy can be incorporated into any kind of play and is very useful to kick things up a notch, helping you deliver a bottom happily into that floaty headspace we all love to give them and have it last for days after. Learn how to nearly eliminate sub drop through energy and its manipulation. Learn how to bring your partner to his or her knees in bliss and desire with a simple, light touch.

This is a 200 level class that assumes the attendees already know a couple basic flogger throws. We will highlight some of the more unusual flogger throws, and some techniques to make floggers more intense. We will also touch on energy play and how to bring that into any scene, including flogging.

You may have heard it called cell popping, dragon’s fire, or snake bite branding. Whatever you choose to call it, microbranding can be an intense and artistic experience. Learn the potential and limitations of this technique to ensure you get the desired effect, as well as how to care for your cell popping afterward. Wanna try it??? Bring a design as he will be picking one or two people out of the audience to get popped!

Fire is hot, volatile, and dangerous. It can also be sensual, sexy, and intimate. Master Cecil will talk about how to play with fire directly on your partner. He’ll talk about ways to literally light up your scenes while keeping everyone from getting burned. He’ll also talk about how the kink world plays with the Ancient Chinese technique of fire cupping and how to get that “I got in a fight with an octopus… and I lost” look.

Meet Your Instructors

Our staff are not only amazing people who volunteer their time to make the Shed happen, many of them also present on a variety of topics.


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