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Kyoujin Baku Bondage Dojo
Thu Nov 14, 2019 @ 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Dungeon Open
Fri Nov 15, 2019 @ 8:00PM -

Little Scouts Go to School: Pony Play 101
Sat Nov 16, 2019 @ 5:00PM - 07:00PM

Dungeon Open
Sat Nov 16, 2019 @ 8:00PM -

Kyoujin Baku Bondage Dojo
Sun Nov 17, 2019 @ 4:00PM - 07:00PM

Kyoujin Baku Bondage Dojo
Thu Nov 21, 2019 @ 7:00PM - 10:00PM

MAsT K: The Live-In Dynamic
Thu Nov 21, 2019 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM

Fri Nov 22, 2019 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM


B o n d a g e


~ Rope as a scene ~

The act of restraining your partner with rope can be a very intimate thing. Trust has to be exchanged and when it's done right they are mush before you've finished. This class is about how to do that and includes some very basic information on some dirty tricks for connecting with your bottom.

  • Prerequisites Knowledge: Can you tie your shoes?
  • You need rope at least 30 feet and almost any type will work.



~ Dynamics on the Down-low ~

Okay so you've learned a couple of ties and maybe you've even gotten comfortable with the idea of suspending your bottom. This intermediate class is about tying dynamically while on the floor. With one rope and a single column cuff on the wrist we're going to build box ties, strappados, pillowed hands and more. This class is about keeping your bondage simple engaging and on the floor.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: Single column cuff and friction cuffs
  • You will need 1 rope for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended.



~ Drills for Efficiency and Flow ~

Have you ever watched someone that is good at rope and marveled at how the rope just seemed to be alive in their hands? They pull through, wrap, cinch all in a long continuous flow that seems more like a dance than anything else. This class is all about drills and things you can do with or without a bottom to improve your ability to control your rope.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: I recommend people know how to tie their shoes
  • You will need 1 rope for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended but not required.



~ Semenawa 101 - The way of the bastard ~

To many people rope is a sensual thing and a rope scene is like making love on silk sheets by candle light while soft music plays in the background. That's not what this class is about. This class is about screaming, tears, and pain. It consists of a lecture period as well as hands on time with some evil torture ties, developing a tool box of things that can be added to your existing rope skills.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: Single column tie, basic ladder
  • You will need 2-3 ropes for this class



~ Semenawa- Down and Dirty ~

This intermediate level class is focused on floor work. We're going to take the basic concepts that I cover in Semenawa 101 and start working them into torture scenes. We will specifically be addressing some safety concerns and trouble shooting techniques as well as several ties. We're going to work on the Ebi, Frog and Ball tie positions and cover some other methods of using these positions to cause stress and pain.

  • Prerequisite knowledge: Box tie, and single limb ties
  • You will need 5-8 ropes for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended



~ Semenawa- The Love of Bamboo ~

Bamboo is a wonderful tool in the world or torture bondage. You can use it to create structures to bind to as well as many other things. This class focuses on the other uses of bamboo. We're going to work with a basic ebi tie and show you how much hell you can put a body through using a few short lengths of structural bamboo.

  • Prerequisite knowledge, Box tie, agura tie, and solid rope control
  • You will need 3-6 ropes for this class as well as 2-4 lengths of structural bamboo (about 3 feet long with a minimum wall thickness of 3/8")



~ Semenawa- Partial Torture ~

This intermediate to advanced level class is built around the idea of using partial suspensions for the purposes of torture. It will include some safety concerns and precautions that tops will need to be aware of. We are primarily going to be focused on a bowing crane partial suspension and how to use that for a long slow torture scene.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: Box tie, Futomomo.
  • You will need 5-6 ropes for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended.



~ Semenawa: Refining the Tengu ~

The single rope Tengu is a fast and simple torture tie. Over prolonged periods it can cause severe discomfort and cramping. THIS TIE IS NOT FOR NEW BOTTOMS OR TOPS. This wonderfully bastardish tie and it's reinforced variants are going to be the focus of this class.

  • Prerequisite knowledge: a Solid box tie in less than 3 minutes, single column cuff.
  • You will need 2-3 ropes for this class and a resilient and experienced bottom.

Once again, this is NOT a class for new bottoms or tops



~Semenawa: The Suffocation Harness ~

The suffocation harness is one of my favorite ties for semenawa and constriction controlled breath play. This is not a class for new tops or new bottoms. The function of this harness is that if restricts the rib's ability to expand forcing the bottom to breathe from their belly.

*Prerequisite knowledge: A solid box tie in less than 3 minutes

  • You will need 2-3 ropes for this class.



~ The Prayer Hands Harness ~

This probably one of the most comfortable and comforting ties that I know. It is my go to if someone has shoulder problems or sensitives with a box tie. In this class I'll cover the two rope and the three rope versions.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: A solid box tie is recommended but a basic understanding of the elements in a box tie are recommended.
  • You will need 3-4 ropes for this class.



~ Refining the Zenpou ~

The Zenpou is a wonderfully comforting tie that crosses the bottom's hands across his/her chest. In this class I'm going to teach my suspend-able variant in an intensive setting.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: A solid box tie is recommended but a basic understanding of the elements in a box tie are required.
  • You will need 3-4 ropes for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended...



~ Refining the Box Tie ~

This class is about the box tie and how I tie it. I use several methods that differ from the "classic" form. This class is for people who can already tie a functional Box Tie. The focus is going to be on small details such as fluidity and small techniques to build speed.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: A solid 2 rope box tie
  • You will need 3 ropes for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended.



~ Getting Out of the Box ~

This class is on alternative harnesses that are not the Box Tie. We are going to work on the Zenpou, Pillowed hands, single rope Tengu, and possibly a few others as time dictates. As opposed to the intensives this is an overview of various techniques.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: A solid 2 rope box tie, single column cuff, two column cuff and a friction cuff.
  • You will need 3-4 ropes for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended..



~ Two Ropes and Three Steps ~

This is a basic introduction to a Box Tie. We will work through the Box Tie in three basic steps and start building a foundation for exploring more bondage.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: single column cuff, and a friction cuff.
  • You will need 2-3 ropes for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended.



~ The End is Nigh ~

Okay, so you've just had an amazingly hot rope scene, suspension, floor work, predicament. Your bottom is a puddle and you're rock hard/dribbling down your thigh. The question of what do do next comes to mind but your bottom is worn out and in a happy place that you don't want to disturb. This class goes over various methods of removing your rope to compliment the end of your scene all the way up to putting away your rope while you're still finishing up your scene.



~ Meditation for Bondage ~

This is a basic over view of some very simple meditation techniques and how they can be applied to change the way your rope feels from start to finish. In this class we're going to focus on the top and on the bottom and the mental states that people approach rope from. We're also going to work on some simple meditation techniques to improve our own self control influence the way our scenes feel.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: Can you tie your shoes?
  • I recommend 1-3 ropes for this class but you can learn these techniques without rope.
  • A bottom that doesn't mind forming a connection with you.



~ Hojojutsu 101 ~

Tops, ever want to just grab hold of that struggling bottom, tie them up, throw them down and then have at it? Bottoms, ever wish that top would snatch you by the hair, tie you up no matter how hard you resist and put you at their mercy?

Hojojutsu is the Japanese art of capture and restraint of a prisoner that is activity resisting with a focus to visual and aesthetic concerns in the tying method. Not to mention a whole lot fun and a technique that includes some of my favorite things. Rope, capture and a poor little damsel in distress.

In this class I cover The Diamond tie and the methodology of applying this tie to a struggling bottom. The emphasis of this class is on building good "safe" technique and developing a pattern of practice to add this art to your play arsenal. This class focuses on practicing hojojutsu from a standing position and is geared around building the muscle memory required to execute the techniques on a bottom that is fighting back.


Hojojutsu can be very dangerous.

Some recommended prerequisites are a moderate knowledge of take-downs and positional ground control.

Requirements, and recommendations:

  • A 10'-20' Hojo bundle or 10-20' of 4mm rope
  • Patience
  • A mat or area rug for comfort.




I m p a c t


~ Basic Take-downs 101 ~

Have you ever wanted to take your girl, throw her on the ground to have your wicked way with her? If so this class is for you. This class is set up with complete novices in mind and is set up to take them from standing to the floor in 2 hours. The techniques are very simple and the class is taught in a hands on fashion, so wear comfortable clothes and find a bottom to work with before hand.

This class can also be taught by Tygron and myself



~ Pummeling 101- No Toys, No problem ~

Have you ever ended up in a situation where you wanted to beat your submissive but you didn't have the toys at your disposal to accomplish this? Some people reach for their belt, and some people look through the house for pervertables. I take my hands, forearms, elbows, knees, feet and forehead to enter into a level of primal play that is difficult to find through other methods of play. I address safety and recover issues as well as techniques for delivering one hell of an ass kicking. This class is set up to take a novice and turn them into an ass kicking, tit punching top.

This class can also be taught by Tygron and myself



~ Floggers 101 ~

So you're interested in floggers, this class is built around taking a complete novice and giving them some basic techniques to help them improve their aim and give them knowledge of safety and recovery issues. I cover: how to find a toy that's right for you, safe targeting, practicing drills, taking care of your toys, and basic techniques.



~ Floggers 201 ~

Okay so You know a thing or three about floggers, you have a couple of the things but you want to improve your scenes. This class is set up for an intermediate to advanced players and includes: snaps, dead throws, practice drills, east coast two handed florentine, 4 count florentine, 6 count florentine and wrapping.



~ Addicted to Crack ~

Stand outside any dungeon and you'll soon hear the gunshot crack of a whip. Then you'll know it's on and someone in there is having a damn good time. This class will help you tap into that fun and show just how versatile single tails can be. Their not just for sport cracking. They have many functions in a scene such as wrapping, sensual caresses, directing energy and impact.

This class covers all those areas as well as the very basics such as what is a single tail, the different types and practice drills. This is a demonstration class that may contain a hands on portion (Space and time considerations) and requires additional space as well a bottom for wrapping and impact.



~ Fluid Impact ~

Paddles, canes, and rods are pretty common fodder in the BDSM world, especially the short ones (travel sized ones). This class will take you beyond the the norm and plunge you into the idea of fluid, fast and accurate impact. In this class you'll learn 3 different florentine patterns for use with different impact toys and can be used with canes, crops, bats, rods, etc. We will develop basic muscle memory and work on good targeting discipline.




Often a man of few words and quiet intensity Chris, aka LunaticBound has a poorly restrained passion for rope. Starting out this lifestyle with rope and bondage he has grown over the years. A pair of old bootlaces and cotton clothesline were replaced by nylon, hemp, and jute. The one thing that hasn't ever changed is that he is still having the time of his life. His eclectic style has sometimes been referred to as “the MMA of bondage”. Eastern, western, and fusion techniques are blended along with a dash of “things that I learned in the boy-scouts”

Aside from his normal duties as a DM at The Woodshed Orlando, Chris is the co-founder of a weekly series of classes that has been running for longer than a year now. He has taught for several local Florida groups including: The Orlando Munch, Orlando TNG, Orlando Portal, MRE, The Gainesville Rope Mash, and numerous intensives and private lessons. His passion for education lead him to co-organize FIRE (Florida's Intense Rope Experience). It has been this passion which has pushed him into performance and bondage photography.

When asked why he does what he does he often responds with “I tie up pretty girls because it makes my dick hard”. The reality is that he performs and photographs because he wants to teach. He enjoys teaching because he wants to share the love of bondage with people one wrap at a time.

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